ARX TempTrack

It can take hours, if not days to detect a loss of power in a refrigerated (reefer) container. The process of monitoring, managing and recording data from the containers takes manpower and time.

Undetected for this amount of time, a loss of power results in spoilt cargo, unplanned delays and extra costs.

TempTrack is the latest technology developed by ARX Maritime to simplify this process. It eliminates the need for manual checks, and minimises the risk of wasting costly cargo. It is the first universal cross-brand reefer monitoring system.

During loading, the small magnetic TempTrack securely clips to the reefer. It independently accesses and monitors the cargo critical information. A change in this information triggers a real-time alert which is sent directly through the inbuilt wireless network to the cargo control room. The self monitoring system saves time and money by enabling the crew to respond instantly.

The data from the reefers is stored in our cloud-based system giving managers accurate and up to date figures. Then the device's Electronic Data Intercharge (EDI) system allows for the seamless transition of data once in port.

By saving resource and time, the TempTrack is a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your operations.

A low cost and real-time automated monitoring solution for managing reefer containers.