What would you do if someone fell overboard?

Heavy seas, a deluge of rain and poor visibility - crew members having to carry out essential maintenance, it's easy for a someone to slip and fall overboard, but how would you respond? How long would it take for the crew to notice?  How long would it take to carry out the Williamson’s turn?  How long until you find them?

And could you guarantee it wouldn't be too late?

All of these questions can be avoided with the ARX M.O.B (Man Overboard). This one of a kind alarm doesn't depend on rapid emergency service response times. Instead it alerts the crew, giving them a chance to respond to a M.O.B incident immediately.

The ARX M.O.B is the first duel-alert man overboard system. The wearable, personal distress beacon activates when in contact with the water, alerting the crew in the bridge. Once activiated it tracks the position of the man overboard allowing you to limit the time taken to save the seafarer.

This low-cost solution uses proven technology, so that those on board can react immediately to prevent loss of life at sea.

A low-cost wearable, personal man overboard distress beacon for seafarers.


ARX TempTrack