Effective vessel hardening can be seen as costly, but it cannot begin to compare to the real cost of improper vessel hardening. 

Forty-two and a half thousand vessels sail through High-Risk Areas on a yearly basis, spending on average half a billion dollars trying to protect themselves from pirates using razorwire. However, razorwire is both inefficient and ineffective when it comes to combating piracy. While it is often used to attempt to delay intruders, it has never prevented a boarding.

Delaying tactics do not stop boardings. Denying access does.

Equipping a vessel under established industry practices carries with it a number of hidden costs.

  • Purchasing & Disposing Razorwire
  • Supplying Operations
  • Damage to the Vessel
  • Labour Costs Associated with Constant Installing/Decommissioning
  • Injuries to the Crew and Associated Medical/Insurance Costs
  • Purchasing Safety Gear for the Crew

It can all add up.

Based on 8-10 routine transits per year through a High-Risk Area, it would take 6 men, over two days to install/derig razorwire, which can cost a shipping company on average up to $20,000 a year.

In addition, during an average HRA transit, a company would be spending approximately $20,000 in fuel costs, in order to increase a vessel's speed by 2 knots. It’s a common practice, but all it does is simply delay the pirate attack by an additional 2-3 minutes.

It's both inefficient and ineffective.

Delaying tactics don’t work. Denying does.

Your company could potentially save thousands of dollars per transit, while guaranteeing the safety & security of your crew, just by making one simple switch.

Join an established client base, that includes international oil majors and leading ship managers, who have decided to replace their recurring annual fixed costs with a one-off implementation.

ABaC System - Anti-Piracy Barrier

ARX ABaC System

The ABaC system is a robust, lightweight and permanent defensive solution that protects vessels from intruders. It's a plastic modular system that straps to the guard rail of any existing ship, offering complete denial of access by preventing ladders and climbing poles from attaching.  

  • Quick and Easy to Install/Remove
  • Remains on Vessel During Port/Transit Operations
  • No Harm to Crew During Installation/Removal
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Non-Lethal, Ethical Way of Denying Access to Intruders
  • Showcased in BMP5 

On average our customers have a Return on Investment (ROI) in excess of 200% with some experiencing a financial payback period of within one transit. You would be replacing your recurring annual fixed cost with a one-off implementation, guaranteed for five years.

Takes no more than a minute to install per unit, and once it’s done, it prevents any unwanted access to your vessel. You can rest easy knowing that your vessel, crew & cargo are fully protected. 

Any time, day or night.  Anywhere in the world.

A permanent, affordable defence against piracy, is within your reach.

Protect your cargo. Protect your Vessel. Protect your Crew.

ABaC - Anti Piracy Barriers

"Simple in its design, but effective against any aggressor attempting to illegally board a vessel using ladders or grappling hooks; the ARX Anti Boarding and Climbing (ABaC) system is a lightweight, durable, easy to install and superior alternative to razor wire, offering merchant shipping a high level of protection."

-Lieutenant Commander Billy Adams MBE MSc (European Union 'Operation Atalanta" Counter-Piracy Liaison Officer)

"ARX’s anti-boarding and climbing system is simple, robust and visible – a welcome addition to shipboard security that saves time in deployment."

- IHS Markit Judging Panel - Safety at Sea Winners

A robust, lightweight and permanent defensive solution that protects vessels from pirates.