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North Korean Fishing Vessel Crashes Against Japanese Patrol Ship, and Sinks - 60 Seafarers Rescued

Japanese authorities managed to rescue over 60 North Korean fishermen after their fishing vessel collided with a Japanese patrol ship.

Oct 10 2019

Nigerian Navy Seizes 4 Fishing Trawlers on Charges of Illegal Fishing

Four fishing vessels and 52 seafarers, including 3 foreign nationals, have been arrested in Nigeria, over suspected illegal fishing activities in the region around the Brass River.

Oct 03 2019

Nigerian Navy Arrests Two Trawlers over Illegal Fishing Practices

Two fishing trawlers were arrested in Nigeria, according to a statement released by the Nigerian Navy on Monday the 9th of September.

Sep 10 2019

Two Chinese Fishing Trawlers Arrested in Ghana over Illegal Fishing Practices

Two Chinese-flagged Fishing Trawlers were arrested in Ghana on the August the 27th, over a number of alleged fishery violations.

Sep 03 2019

Tanker Ship Collides with Fishing Trawler – 12 Seafarers Missing

Chinese Tanker Ship, Tian Yi 5, collided with a fishing trawler in the morning hours of March 12. As a result of the collision, the fishing vessel started to capsize forcing the ship’s crew to jump overboard.

Mar 13 2019

Argentine Coast Guard Opens Fire on Chinese Fishing Trawler

Argentine forces opened fire on a Chinese fishing trawler that was caught fishing within Argentina’s exclusive economic zone.

Mar 07 2019

Chinese Fishing Vessel Sinks Following Collision with Argentine Trawler

Chinese fishing vessel, Zhong Yuan Yu 11, sank in the early morning hours of February the 15th, following a collision with the Argentine trawler, Pesca Vaqueiro.

Feb 18 2019

Japanese Fishing Boat Seized By Russia

Russian authorities have seized a Japanese crab fishing boat for allegedly fishing illegally in Russia’s exclusive economic zone.

Feb 06 2019

SSCS Patrol Vessel Attacked by over 50 Assailants

The MV Farley Mowat was attacked by a group of over 50 assailants posing as fishermen.

Feb 05 2019

French and British Seafarers Clash in Channel

An escalating battle has begun between French and British fishermen in the English Channel. The dispute saw 5 large British boats take on 40 French fishing vessels this week.

Aug 30 2018


Security 2.0 - Countering Pirates in the Age of Automation

Vlad I. Sutea
Intelligence Analyst

In order to remain competitive and efficient, the maritime sector is spearheading innovation in virtually all aspects related to seafaring. Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization will all come to play a major role in the Industry’s future. Regardless of where you stand on the human versus automation debate, the course is set for greater automation in shipping, and while traditional pirates are unlikely to trade their AK- 47s for keyboards,  existing crime syndicates operating in cyberspace are likely to spill over into the seven seas.

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