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Port of Quy Nhon is said to be blocked by numerous ships which sank during typhoon Damrey passage on Nov 4. Most of them rest on bottom, partially above waterline, some on even keel, some listed. In total, 10 ships were sunk by typhoon, 71 crew were rescued or survived by other means, 10 dead and 3 missing.

Comment: Typhoon is the main culprit, of course, but not only typhoon – vessels which remained anchored on Quy Nhon anchorage, especially smaller ones, were doomed for accident or disaster – they’ve been anchored directly on the way of passing typhoon, taking the most of its’ rage, with no shelter around, depending on anchor holding ground and engine to help anchor. Captains of the ships, owners and Vietnam authorities are to blame for this devastation no less than typhoon itself – they had to take ships out from the pass of typhoon to other ports or just to high seas.

List of sank and beached ships:
1. Bulk carrier HA TRUNG 98, IMO 9576923, dwt 3086, built 2010, flag Vietnam, manager HA TRUNG RIVER-SEA TRANSPORT – SANK, 9 crew rescued;
2. General cargo ship FEI YUE 9, IMO 9028639, dwt 4367, built 2004, flag Mongolia, manager FULL SPEED MARINE LTD, Hong Kong – grounded, 15 crew evacuated (9 Chinese, 6 Burmese);
3. General cargo ship THANH HAI 18, IMO 9369837, dwt 3897, built 2006, flag Vietnam, manager THANH HAI TRANSPORTATION SEA – beached, crew understood safe;
4. General cargo ship HOA MAI 68, IMO 8668315, dwt 3221, built 2009, flag Vietnam, manager DUY DAT TRANSPORTATION SEA CO – SANK, 11 crew, all rescued;
5. General cargo ship SON LONG 08, IMO 8748256, dwt 3098, built 2008, flag Vietnam, manager KIM NGUU SHIPPING CO LTD – SANK, 12 crew, 10 rescued, 1 dead, 1 missing;
6. General cargo ship NAM KHANH 26, IMO 9628582, dwt 2355, built 2011, flag Vietnam, manager NAM KHANH TRANSPORTATION – SANK 11 crew rescued;
7. Cargo ship BIEN BAC 16, Callsign XVHL9, length 80 meters, flag Vietnam – SANK, 10 crew, 6 rescued, 2 dead, 2 missing;
8. General cargo ship AN PHU 68, dwt 1833, built 2006, flag Vietnam, manager AN PHU SHIPPING JSC – SANK, 8 crew, all rescued;
9. Small coastal passenger ship JUPITER – SANK, 7 crew, 1 dead, 6 missing.
10. General cargo ship VIET THUAN 168, Call sign XVMT9, length 145 meters, flag Vietnam – SANK.




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