Posted on March 15, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Inland towing tug, Michelle Anne, sank near Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the morning of March the 14th after an accident involving the Maltese-flagged Cargo Ship, Iolcos Unity. 

The incident occurred at approximately 11:00 am, on Thursday morning.  

The tug ran into the anchor chain of the Iolcos Unity, which had been anchored in the Mississippi.

At the time, the tug had been pushing an empty dry cargo barge up the river, near the Baton Rouge General Anchorage.

Thankfully, the 4 crewmembers aboard the tug managed to successfully escape to the barge and were brought onboard the tug, J. Andrew Eckstein that been operating nearby. 

There were no injuries sustained during the incident, and the empty dry cargo barge managed to be recovered in the process.

An incident team belonging to the Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit for Baton Rouge was sent to the scene and upon examination, confirmed the presence of an oil sheen in the water.

 At the time, there was approximately 18,500 gallons of fuel aboard the tug. Due to the incident, an unknown amount of oil has been discharged into the river.  

Following the incident, the Coast Guard closed a portion of the Mississippi river until such a time until salvage operations on the tug will be complete.

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