Posted on November 06, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Cement Carrier Fjordvik ran aground on the breakwater of Helgvik Port, in the evening of November 3rd.

While entering the port, the aging vessel missed the harbour entrance, and got pinned against the breakwater rocks. 

The crew and pilot were successfully airlifted by helicopter an hour after the accident, having sustained no injuries in the process.

The cause of the accident remains unclear at this point, but initial reports suggest that bad weather might have been the culprit.


As a result of the collision, the vessel’s hull was breached, and a small oil leak was reported. Salvors tried to pump the fuel onto tank trucks but initial attempts were unsuccessful.

Salvaging teams returned on Monday and managed to successfully drain the 100 tons of oil remaining in the vessel’s stores.

However, it will be difficult to conduct any further salvaging operations. The weather in the area is far from favourable, with a forecast of winds of over 24mph throughout the week.

Furthermore, the vessel is in an area exposed to high waves, making any attempt at refloating, problematic at best.

Local port authority has indicated, that even at the event of a refloating, the vessel will not be towed into Helgvik port.

The harbour acts as the only terminal for fuel in the country and should the tow go awry and potentially block the harbour area, flights in and out of the country could be temporarily suspended.  

The Bahamas registered, MV Fjordvik, was built in 1976 and has a deadweight of over 4000 tonnes, measuring over 94 meters in length.

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