Posted on March 21, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

US Coast Guard Cutter, Thetis successfully rescued two fishermen on March the 14th that had been stranded in the Gulf of Guinea.

The rescue-at-sea operation occurred some 40 miles south of Sierra Leone; the duty crew aboard the Thetis spotted a 22-foot fishing vessel adrift in the ocean.

The two individuals onboard the boat appeared in distress, and so the Thetis diverted course and approached the vessel in order to assist the unfortunate fishermen.

The two men had been presumed dead by local authorities on March 12, after having been lost at sea for more than three days.

Having ran out of food, water and fuel some days prior, they had been stranded in the Gulf of Guinea, unable to return home.

The Coast Guard personnel aboard the Thetis provided food, water and fuel to the distressed fishermen, and made sure to transfer them and their vessel over to the Sierra Leona Maritime Authority.

“The U.S. Coast Guard is known throughout the world as a rescue service, Today, we did just that. My crew did an amazing job in spotting the distressed vessel, rendering assistance, and working with the Sierra Leone Maritime Authority to bring them back home alive safely,” said Commander Randall Chong, commanding officer of the Thetis.

The Thetis usually operates within the region of Key West, Florida, but had been temporarily deployed to the Gulf of Guinea for the multinational exercise, Obangame Express 2019.

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