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After four days of intense efforts by the Vietnamese firefighting crews, the fire aboard the post-Panamax class containership, APL Vancouver, was finally put under control on February the 4th.

The vessel had been partially evacuated during the firefighting efforts in order to protect the crew.

The vessel carries over 4500 containers onboard, including 100 loaded with hazardous materials.



Much like in the case of the Yantian Express last month, it’s quite likely that APL will be declaring General Average In an effort to offset the salvaging costs.

Many of the containers onboard the APL Vancouver will have been subject to damage caused by smoke, heat and firefighting water, in addition to the reefer containers that might have lost power during the incident.

Reportedly, it is estimated that more than half of the containers onboard the fire-stricken vessel do not have adequate insurance in order to cover GA liability, and thus, the owners might have their goods auctioned in order to cover the GA costs.


Original Story Below:


A fire erupted on the Singapore-flagged post-panamax class containership, APL Vancouver, during the early morning hours of January the 31st, same 4 nautical miles off Cape La, Vung Ro, Vietnam.

The vessel was en route from Shekou to Singapore when the crew noticed a fire in the ship’s cargo hold, at approximately 3:30 am in the morning.

The vessel issued a mayday call, that was received by the Vietnamese 3rd Coast Guard Command.

VCGC deployed the “CSB 8005” to assist the vessel with firefighting operations.

The firefighting vessel arrived at the scene at approximately 5:50 am and began the rescue operation.

An official statement on APL’s website reads:” APL, operator of the container vessel APL Vancouver (115,060 dwt, built 2013) reports that a fire broke out in one of the cargo holds whilst the vessel was on passage from Shekou to Singapore on, 31 January at 0430hrs. Emergency response procedures were immediately activated by the APL team. The operator is in continuous contact with the vessel’s Master and local authorities to coordinate all necessary actions to ensure the fire is safely and promptly extinguished. The situation is being closely monitored and relevant parties have been informed.”

None of the crew of 24 aboard the vessel was injured during the incident.

The operator has already contracted a salvage company to assist.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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