Posted on April 08, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Three dock workers were killed after a crane collapsed on top of a cargo ship in Pontianak, Western Kalimantan, Indonesia on Thursday, April the 4th.

The incident occurred when the crane of the Indonesian-flagged general cargo ship, Bistari 8 crashed onto the ship’s deck while trying to unload a cargo of iron plates from the vessel.

Reportedly, the dockyard cranes being used to unload the iron shipment broke, as the cargo was much heavier than the recommended amount.

Two of the dock workers charged with unloading the cargo were killed instantly when the crane came down on the deck.

A third worker suffered significant injuries and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, but was declared dead the following morning.

An investigation from local law enforcement, determined that the crane was already showing considerable signs of wear & tear, and was in poor condition at the time of the crash.

Both the ship’s Captain & crew will be the subject of an investigation into the accident in order to determine who is responsible for the deaths of the unfortunate dock workers.

According to a local police official, those responsible will face charges of negligence, and can potentially be charged with a significant prison sentence of up to five years.

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