Posted on March 19, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

French Maritime authorities have located a third oil spill coming from Grimaldi’s sunken ConRo in the Bay of Biscay.  

According to a recon mission conducted by the French Navy and the Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Agency, a third oil slick has appeared near the sinking site of the Grande America.

The oil slick, which is approximately 5 square km long, proved difficult to detect. Adverse weather conditions in the area have further complicated the already challenging clean-up operation.

This latest spill joins the two previously located oil slicks that came about as a direct result of the sinking of the Grande America, and measure 13 by 7 and 9 by 7 km respectively.

The three oil spills are about 20km apart and have been recorded as moving at a speed of about 30km per day.

They are expected to reach the French shoreline either today or tomorrow and will probably cause significant environmental contamination in the process.

Both French and Spanish maritime authorities have confirmed that the oil spills originate from the fuel tanks of the Grande America.

Anti-pollution operations began on the 15th of March in order to help control the environmental impact of the oil spill but have met with limited success due to the adverse weather conditions in the area.

In addition, a number of containers have been spotted drifting, some 90 km northeast of the accident site, acting as a potential hazard for vessels transiting through the area.

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