Posted on June 18, 2018 by Hannah Berry

A fire which broke out onboard an iron ore carrier in Port Kembla Harbour, South of Sydney at 3.30am on Monday 18th June is now expected to burn for a further 3-4 days after 80 firefighters battled the initial blaze.

12,000 cubic meters of iron ore went up in flames as a fire broke out on the conveyor belt as the Iron Chieftan was being unloaded and quickly spread to the ship’s hold.

22 crew members were on the vessel when the fire broke out, but all were evacuated with no reported injuries.

Fire and Rescue NSW Assistant Commissioner Paul McGuiggan said that booms have been put around the ship to stop any oil or diesel spills and in a statement said “I’m happy to report at this stage everything’s intact, so from an environmental perspective we’re looking quite comfortable at this stage.”

Shipping at Port Kembla Harbour was suspended for a time due to the ferocity of the fire, but operations have now resumed.

A representative from BlueScope Steel also said that there has been minor damage to one of their conveyor belts, which helps offload the cargo but otherwise there's no impact for the company.

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