Posted on December 19, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

A seafarer survived in the open sea for over six days after the ship he was on sank while sailing through the Bali strait.

The man in question, is one Nahum Naibahas, also known as Riski, a 26-year-old Indonesian national that was serving aboard the general cargo vessel, Multi Prima.

The Multi Prima sank on the 22nd of November when it encountered high waves in the sea around Bali, with a crew of 14 onboard the vessel at the time of the accident.

Survivors jumped into the sea as soon as the ship began to sink, and seven of them managed to be rescued by a vessel that had heard the ship’s distress call.

Riski however wasn’t as lucky; he was stranded at sea for several days before being rescued by a nearby search vessel.

The unfortunate seafarer was found in a state of extreme weakness. According to his statement, he had been attacked by seabirds and bitten by fish and was severely sunburned from having remained at sea for so long.

Initially, he had given up hope, due to the extreme weather conditions that he encountered for the first three days, but he held on despite his lack of food or water.

Unfortunately, six of his fellow crewmembers are still considered missing, and are presumed to be dead.

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