Posted on January 24, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Mongolian-flagged product tanker, Eastern Glory, crashed into a bridge in Indonesia, at approximately 14:30 pm local time on January the 23rd.

The vessel which had been anchored nearby managed to break free of her moorings on Wednesday afternoon, before drifting onto the Barelang Bridge, located in the Southern Batam Island, Riau Islands, Singapore Strait.

The superstructure of the vessel managed to lodge itself partially under the bridge, causing visible damages to the upper navigational deck and mast.

The ship was finally dislodged later in the evening, through the use of several tugs that had arrived in the area.

Local authorities had tried to remove the vessel using only two tugs but had to call in for a third after initial attempts at dislodging the vessel proved unsuccessful.

The whole procedure was hampered due to strong winds and ocean currents.

The Eastern Glory had been docked in the area for over 4 months after it was put under arrest in early September for illegal oil trading.

Local authorities had originally found over 5000 tons of diesel oil on the vessel, ­ which had been procured through an illegal STS operation.

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