Posted on June 25, 2018 by Hannah Berry

A standard Missile-2 failed to launch whilst the German Navy Frigate Sachsen was conducting a live-firing drill on Thursday 21st June.

The firing drill was taking place off the coast of Norway between the F124 frigate FGS Sachsen and ASW frigate FGS Lübeck when the rocket booster burned out whilst the missile was still inside it's canister.

The frigate’s sprinkler system was activated immediately and together with the quick actions of the crew brought the fire under control. There are no reports of serious injuries, although two sailors were treated for symptoms of severe stress. The vessel suffered some damage as the deck around the bridge was affected by the fire and heat.

Both frigates sailed to the Norwegian port of Harstad where the crew were due to carry out an assessment of the damage and conduct an investigation in to the cause of the misfire.

Initial reports from the navy have said that the rocket was inspected prior to launch and found to be in perfect technical condition and another SM-2 had launched successfully prior to the misfire. There was also no initial sign of a technical defect within the starter system.

Investigations are ongoing.

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