Posted on February 15, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Norwegian-flagged luxury cruise ship, Viking Jupiter collided with a pier during her maiden cruise.

The incident occurred on the morning of February the 14th while the ship was attempting to berth at the port of Piraeus, Greece.

The ship was carrying 607 passengers and 483 crewmembers onboard at the time of the accident.

As a result of the collision, the vessel sustained damages on its starboard side above the waterline, including a small, 10-centimetre-long breach.

In addition, three fenders were detached during the collision.

The cruise ship was being assisted by three tugboats during the mooring process.

Reportedly the accident was the result of strong winds in the area, that ended up pushing the ship onto the pier.

The central Port Authority of Piraeus has issued a sailing ban for the cruise ship until the technical company responsible for the vessel submits a class confirmation.

It’s not yet known how this will affect the passengers onboard the Viking Jupiter.

No marine pollution or water infiltration was observed as a result of the accident.

As of February the 15th, the vessel is still berthed in Piraeus.

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