Posted on March 19, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Indian tug, Revdi sank in the morning of March the 18th, following an explosion onboard the vessel.

The incident occurred at approximately 11:00 am on Monday morning, while the tug was transiting through the Arabian Sea.

It had left the port of Tarapur and was headed for Mumbai with a crew of 7 seafarers when an explosion rocked the vessel.

As a result, the ship started rapidly sinking, however,  it managed to send a distress call before capsizing that was picked up by the Indian Coast Guard (ICG).

The call was received by the ICG fast patrol vessel, Amartya that had been conducting a surveillance mission in the area.

Being only 12 miles away from the accident site, the vessel was immediately diverted and tasked with a search and rescue mission.

The Amartya managed to locate 6 out of the 7 seafarers that crewed the Revdi.

Unfortunately, however, one seafarer is still missing.

A sea-air coordinated search operation has been launched in order to locate missing crewmember, but it has met with little success so far.

We don’t know yet what led to the explosion that sunk the tug, but local authorities have started an investigation into the incident.

The rescued crew have been provided with all necessary medical aid and are considered safe and healthy.

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