Posted on April 18, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Moldova-flagged General Cargo ship, Agios Rafail ran aground on rocks in Jamica Bay, Muzil, Croatia in the morning of April the 16th.

The incident occurred at approximately 07:00 am in the morning, while the vessel was approaching the city of Pula, located at the tip of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula.

For some reason, the vessel did not change course when it approached the Croatian coast and ended up crashing straight into rocks.

Local fishermen operating in the area notified the Pula Maritime Authority of the event at approximately 07:25 am.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they came upon the Agios Rafail, whose Captain had taken it upon himself to attempt and refloat the ship.

He was ordered to stop all activities until such time until a hull survey could be carried out. 

The diving team sent to the site discovered minor bow damage underneath the vessel, as well as some abrasions above the water line, but witnessed no water ingress or hull breaches.

Upon completion of the survey, the vessel managed to back off from the grounding site and reached the Stinjan port near Pula.

After berthing, the vessel was detained by the local Port Authority in order for further investigations to be carried out.

A full drug test screening was carried out among the crew of the Agios Rafail as part of the inquiry into the collision.

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