Posted on April 15, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A floating dock broke in two on April 12th, in Turkey’s Tuzla Ship Repair Yard leading to several injuries and extensive damage to two vessels.

The incident occurred during a docking manoeuvre. Details are still unclear at the time, but what we do know is that the floating dock broke off in two.

As a result of the floating dock breaking off, two vessels experienced water ingress.

Namely, those are the Russian Cargo ship, Lazurit and the Maltese Tankship, Seapower.

Both the Lazurit and the Seapower started taking on water following the incident.

Furthermore, the cranes onboard the floating dock managed to collapse when it broke in two.

One of them crashed into the sea while the second one fell onto Lazurit’s main deck.

As a result, the Lazurit experienced structural failure and was grounded in place.

The location was declared a temporarily restricted zone until such a time until further inspections and a thorough investigation of the incident can be carried out.

The extent of the damage on both vessels is not currently known at this time but is expected to be significant.

Thankfully, there were no deaths as a result of the incident. There was a series of mostly minor injuries to the workers that had been working on the two vessels.

However, one crane operator was more seriously injured and required urgent hospitalization.

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