Posted on March 20, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A fire broke out on the South Korean-flagged tanker, Taehwa 1HO during the early morning hours of March 20th.

The incident occurred at approximately 05:40 am, while the vessel was transiting off the south coast of South Korea, some 2 nautical miles off Ohdong island in the East China Sea.

The fire started in the living quarters, but soon spread around the superstructure, engulfing the bridge in flames.

Of the six seafarers aboard the vessel, four managed to jump in the water and avoid the blazing inferno.

Unfortunately, however, two elderly crew members got trapped in their cabins, unable to escape the flames.

The Korean Coast Guard was notified of the situation and immediately dispatched a search & rescue team to the scene.

Upon arrival, the Coast Guard managed to rescue the four seafarers that had jumped in the water and proceeded to douse the flames.

It took the better part of four hours for the rescue team to put out the fire, but they managed to successfully prevent the flames from spreading to the rest of the vessel.

It’s not yet clear what events led to the fire, but the Korean Coast Guard has opened an investigation so as to determine the cause of the accident.  

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