Posted on January 23, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Eight people died and at least one is missing after a ferry boat capsized while transiting through the south Indian state of Karnataka, on January the 21st.

The ferry, which was packed with Hindu devotees, was carrying approximately 26 individuals onboard, most of which were returning from a festival that had taken place on a nearby island temple.

Allegedly, the vessel overturned due to the rough waters in the area.

The Indian Navy immediately dispatched a search & rescue mission, including two helicopters and two fast interceptors.

Several diving teams from the nearby Karwal naval area were also sent to the scene of the incident.

From the 26 people onboard the vessel, 17 were immediately rescued by civilian boats that had been operating in the area.

Unfortunately, the bodies of 8 individuals were picked up by the naval units that had been sent to the region.

The search for the last missing person is still ongoing.


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