Posted on April 25, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Spanish Santa-Maria class Frigate, ESPS Navarra captured five Somali pirates, and released over 23 hostages in the process, during an attack on a pirate mothership on April the 23rd.

The pirates had originally captured the Yemeni dhow, FV AL AZHAM off the coast of Somalia earlier last week, on April the 19th.

Using the dhow as a mothership, they proceeded to attack the Korean fishing vessel ADRIA some 280 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia.

As the ADRIA began to conduct evasive maneuvers, the Spanish fishing vessel, TXORI ARGI had that been operating in the area closed in to assist the distressed ship.

After about an hour, both vessels were approached by the pirate skiffs and were fired upon with an RPG.

The armed security teams onboard the two vessels fired back at the assailants and the skiffs proceeded to retreat.

Later on in the same day, the FV SHIN SHUEN FAR 889 also reported being approached by two skiffs, when the armed security team onboard the vessel showed their weapons.

Having been made aware of these events, on the 21st of April EU NAVFOR dispatched its Maritime Patrol Aircrafts (MPRAs) and performed a search of the area, successfully identifying the pirate mothership in the process.

On April the 23rd, the EU NAVFOR flagship ESPS Navarra intercepted, and boarded the pirate mothership, apprehending five pirates in the process, who proceeded to surrender without a fight.

It located over 23 hostages on the mothership, which were released unharmed.

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