Posted on August 13, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Ecuadorian-flagged Fishing Vessel, MARUJITA capsized while transiting south of the Gulf of California on Wednesday the 7th of August.

The vessel was located some 336 nautical miles southeast of Clipperton Island and was undergoing a routine inspection by Coast Guard forces when the incident occurred.

According to United States Coast Guard (USCG) officials, the vessel began to list dangerously, forcing both the seafarers on board the ship, as well as the boarding team to abandon the vessel.

The nearby USCG cutter rushed to the aid of the vessel, deploying a boat team in order to rescue the coast guard personnel and the 25 seafarers crewing the Marujita.

Several men attempted to climb on nets hanging from the vessel’s side in order to escape falling into the water.

Thankfully, everyone involved in the incident was successfully saved by the USCG forces present at the scene.

“Fast action by the cutter’s crew resulted in a remarkable mass rescue in a dangerous and challenging situation. Their decisive response reflects their training and dedication, and shows the types of dangers faced by Coast Guard crews deployed around the world protecting our nation,” said Capt. Arthur Snyder of the USCG in a statement to Navy Times.




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