Posted on March 11, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Dutch-flagged cargo ship, Cardium sank while sailing through the Western Scheldt near Vlissingen, Netherlands in the afternoon of March 9th.

The vessel was transporting sand to the port of Vlissingen when It started to experience water ingress.

Reportedly, the inland cargo vessel sailed into the open sea and was caught in rough weather, and as a result, she started taking on water.

The vessel was being crewed by two seafarers at the time.

The owner was successfully rescued and was hospitalized for hypothermia.

However, the other crewmember is still missing and attempts to locate him have been so far unsuccessful.

A large-scale Search & Rescue operation has been launched in order to locate the unfortunate seafarer.

Two Coast Guard helicopters, a police boat, a patrol vessel from Rijkwaterstaat, and two lifeboats from the KRNM have been dispatched but haven’t managed to locate the missing man.

Later on in the evening, a diving team from the towing & recovery company, Multraship was sent into the water in order to search around the vessel, but also met with limited success.

At this point, the emergency services in charge of the operation assume that the missing crewmember is no longer alive.

Local authorities are continuing the search in order to locate his body and return him to his family.

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