Posted on March 21, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Swiss cruise ship, Edelweiss collided with the cargo ship, Forenso in the early morning hours of March the 20th, near Nijmegen, Netherlands.

The incident occurred at approximately 03:42 in the morning; the cruise ship was en route from Cologne to Dortrecht when it collided with the Forenso.

Reportedly, the Forenso, which was carrying a shipment of cars at the time, came from the opposite direction to the Edelweiss and used its bow to puncture a hole in the port side of the cruise ship, near the bow and just above the waterline.

Due to the force of the collision, the Edelweiss proceeded to get stuck under the bridge.

To complicate matters, the collision prompted a fire aboard the Edelweiss.

Thankfully, the fire brigade saw to the 160 passengers aboard the cruise ship, who were in a major state of shock at the time, and promptly evacuated them to the shore.

Having safely evacuated the passengers, the fire brigade proceeded to put the fire quickly under control.

Because the cruise ship came in contact with the railway bridge, all train traffic between Nijmegen and Arnhem temporarily suspended until a thorough inspection could be carried out.

At approximately 10 am on the same day, salvors began work on the Edelweiss, before towing it to the port of Nijmegen with the help of the tug, Liberte.

The Forenso, which also suffered damage in the collision, was towed to a quay in Nijmegen.

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