Posted on April 24, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Aframax-class Liberian-flagged Crude Oil Tanker, Aqualoyalty ran aground in the late evening hours of April the 21st, while transiting off Pascagoula USA.

The incident occurred at approximately 11:52 pm, near Petit Bois Island, Mississippi.

Reportedly, the vessel ran into a shoal, near the number 12 Horn Island buoy, located between Horn and Petit Bois Islands.

At the time the tanker had been carrying over 21 million gallons of Colombian crude oil which raised concerns over a potential environmental disaster.

Thankfully there were no reports of pollution in the area as a result of the grounding, but pollution responders and investigators are combing the scene, whilst continuously monitoring the fuel tank level so as to determine if there is a possible leak.

Initial reports further suggest that there were no injuries to the crew at the time and that the damage to the vessel was minimal.

The tanker remained grounded until well into the next day.

At approximately 16:30 on April the 22nd, the United States Coast Guard alongside a contracted salvor assisted in refloating the grounded vessel.

As soon as the vessel managed to sail again under its own power, it proceeded to enter the port of Pascagoula, escorted by two tugs.


Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic




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