Posted on December 27, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Two container ships collided in Nansha port, Guangzhou, China, at approximately 12:20pm local time, in the afternoon of December the 26th.

According to the Guangzhou Maritime Department, container ship REN JIAN 15 went out of control during manoeuvring while attempting to berth.

Having lost control, the vessel moved straight towards berthed container ship, HAI SU 10, and struck her starboard side, inflicting heavy damages in the process.

HAI SU 10’s hull was breached and started showing signs of water ingress, while a number of containers fell from the berthed vessel right onto the pier.


Local emergency services were immediately deployed and after a while managed to stabilize the vessel using water pumps.

REN JIAN 15 also experienced damage to its prow in the process, the extent of which is not yet clear at the moment.

No pollution or injuries were reported following the incident.

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