Posted on February 11, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Duc Phat 66, issued a distress call in the morning of February the 7.

The vessel had started showing signs of water ingress at approximately 7:00 am, while the ship was transiting some 15 nautical miles off the coast of Vietnam.

The crew of 9 seafarers aboard the vessel, noticing that the cargo hold was rapidly filling up with water, contacted the local Search & Rescue Center, as well as the Provincial Search and Rescue Information Station before abandoning the vessel. 

Neighbouring ships were directed to the area in an effort to assist the unfortunate vessel.

A nearby vessel, Long Phu 18, also received the distress call and changed course in order to assist with the search & rescue operation.

The crew of the Long Phu 18 managed to locate the missing seafarers, approximately 2 miles away from the sinking cargo vessel.

The seafarers had managed to climb aboard two life rafts and were awaiting rescue.

At approximately 7:15 am local time, all 9 crew members of the Duc Phat 66 had boarded Long Phu 18 and were in a safe and stable medical condition.

In the meantime, the Quang Tri Border Guard, dispatched two fishing vessels to assist with the towing of the sinking ship.

At approximately 11:00 pm on the same day, the Duc Phat 66 had been successfully towed into the Cua Viet seaport.

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