Posted on November 16, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Two general cargo ships collided in the North Sea, northwest of Borkum Island, Germany, at approximately 20:30 hours (UTC), in the evening of November the 15th.

The bow of the 115-meter long Turkish containership Paksoy 1, hit the starboard side of the 82-meter long Dutch general cargo ship EEMS Cobalt, resulting in both ships sustaining serious damage in the process.

The bow of the Paksoy, which was firmly lodged in the Cobalt, has received extensive damage, while the Cobalt has a massive hole right above the waterline on its starboard side.

Due to the speed of the initial collision, the two ships got stuck together, and as a result, could not be dislodged and continued to drift.


Following the collision, the EEMS Cobalt started taking on water due to the hull breach, but they managed to control the water ingress through the use of the ship’s pumps.

Several SAR ships, tugs and anti-pollution vessels, arrived in the area to assist the two ships.

German authorities on the scene were initially hesitant to separate the two ships, fearing that the vessels might sink as a result.

The Paksoy and the Cobalt have a crew of 16 and 5, respectively.  

All affected individuals are considered to be safe and sound and haven’t received any injuries as a result of the collision.

By Friday morning, a tugboat had managed to successfully dislodge the two ships.

The EEMS Cobalt is en route to Eemshaven, accompanied by a tug, while the Paksoy has docked in German territory.

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