Posted on January 08, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Panama-flagged general cargo ship, VOLGO-BALT 214, sank while transiting through the Black Sea, some 80 nautical miles off Samsun, Turkey, in the morning of January the 7th.

The vessel was loaded with coal and was en route from Azov, Russia to Samsun, Turkey with a crew of 13, namely, 11 Ukrainian and 2 Azerbaijani nationals.

Reportedly, adverse weather conditions in the area led to the ship sinking.

The shockwave from the waves hitting the aft of the vessel broke the ship in two and caused it to sink.

Thankfully, the crew managed to send out a distress signal before the ship went under.

Having received a distress signal from the vessel, Turkish maritime authorities immediately launched a rescue operation that comprised of two coast guard boats, one search and rescue vessel, one tug, four helicopters, and one airplane.

Unfortunately, six crewmembers died in the incident, including the VOLGO-BALT’s Master.

Turkish Coast Guard forces on the scene managed to successfully recover the bodies of the unfortunate seafarers and bring the rest of the crew to shore.

The surviving crew members are in good health and show no signs of injury.

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