Posted on November 19, 2018 by Ilias Kiritsis

Albanian-flagged general cargo ship, Koravi, ran aground at approximately 20:00 UTC on November the 15th , while sailing through the southeast coast of Greece.

While en-route to Albania, the vessel ran aground on rocks near a shallow part of the coast close to cape Doukato, located near the island of Lefkada, Greece.

Allegedly, the ship was moving at a high speed and did not manage to change course in due time, as to avoid grounding.

The vessel sustained damage in the process,  and started taking on water, albeit at a reduced rate.

Greek authorities were notified, and arrived on the scene with two coast guard vessels.

The 8 crew members of the Koravi, all Albanian nationals, were taken to a local hospital and all but one, were subsequently released.

One crewmember has remained in the hospital on a precautionary basis.


According to Spanopoulos, the company that is in charge of the salvage operations on the vessel, the water ingress is not a cause for concern and has not affected the ship’s balance.

The vessel, which was originally abandoned by its crew, has now been towed to the port of Vassiliki, Lefkada, where it will remain until the full extent of the damage can be verified.

The Koravi was carrying 1900 tons of iron from Amaliapolis, Volos to Albania at the time of the accident.


Image courtesy of Marine Traffic

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