Posted on February 19, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Danish-flagged supply vessel, World Bora collided with the Cyprus-flagged general cargo vessel, Raba in the morning of February the 19th.

The incident occurred at approximately 07:30 am local time, some three nautical miles east of Stubbenkammer, off the island of Rugen, Germany.  

The World Bora was en-route to work on offshore wind turbines in the Baltic sea while the Raba was on its way from Copenhagen to Szczecin.

It’s still unclear what led to the collision between the two ships.

As a result of the collision at least 15 people were injured, with

Upon receiving the emergency broadcast, local authorities sent out a helicopter which proceeded to transport the seriously injured to a nearby hospital.

The World Bora suffered severe damage on its port side but was able to reach the ferry port of Sassnitz-Mukran under its own power.

The Raba continued its journey and managed to dock at its original destination of Szczecin at approximately 11 am.

Local authorities have opened an investigation into the incident and will collect data from both vessels so as to determine the cause of the collision. 

Its still not yet clear if there was any kind of environmental contamination of the surrounding area as a result of the accident. 

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