Posted on November 25, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Moldovan-flagged Tankship, DELFI was grounded in the evening of November the 21st, when it was caught in a storm while anchored outside Yuzhniy Port, Ukraine.

The vessel, which is expected to be a total loss, had been anchored at the outer anchorage of the Odessan port when it started drifting aground due to the adverse weather conditions present in the area.

During the time of the incident, a tug attempted to aid the distressed vessel but was unable to reach the ship due to the weather conditions.

A more powerful tug joined the operation during the morning of November the 22nd but could not do much to aid the vessel.

The ship at that point was fully grounded, and started developing a noticeable list on its starboard side.

The ships present in the area attempted to rescue the seafarers on board the Delfi but they vehemently refused assistance.

The seafarers did not issue a distress call and had run out of fuel and electricity but refused to disembark the vessel, allegedly fearing that the shipowner would then refuse to pay them their missing wages.

Finally, they had to be forcefully evacuated from the vessel.  Two seafarers had to be moved to a hospital, as they were suffering from moderate hypothermia, but one of them had vehemently refused treatment.

According to the Moldovan Maritime Agency, the ship had been deprived of the right to use the Flag of the state more than a year ago.

In the days following the incident, the vessel fully capsized and has been resting on its starboard side.

Local authorities have measured the fuel level in the water and found that it exceeds the maximum allowed concentration.

A fuel spill has likely occurred due to the grounding of the tankship. No further details are available as to a possible salvaging operation in the days to come.

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