Posted on September 06, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The British Royal Navy Patrol Ship, HMS Protector came upon an abandoned vessel on August the 30 while transiting through the mid-Atlantic.

The patrol vessel originally came across the abandoned cargo ship while in transit towards Bermuda, where it is expected to aid with the hurricane relief efforts.

According to initial reports, the crew of the HMS Protector attempted to communicate with the vessel but received no replies.

“Two days ago @hmsprotector discovered this apparently abandoned Merchant Vessel whilst mid-Atlantic. We closed the vessel to make contact and offer our assistance, but no one replied! Whilst investigations continue we’re unable to give you more detail on this strange event,” reads the statement on twitter from the patrol ship.

The vessel’s identity has not been confirmed at this point, but it is believed to be the Tanzanian-flagged Cargo Ship,  M/V Alta, which was abandoned in October 2018, in the middle of the Atlantic, some 1500 nautical miles west of African coast and 1100 nautical miles east of the Caribbean.

Its 10 crew members had been stranded aboard the disabled ship for almost three weeks and were running dangerously low on food and water when they were saved by the US Coast Guard.

The vessel had been originally sailing from Greece to Haiti when it became disabled, mid-transit.

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