Posted on September 03, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Two workers were killed, and several others were injured while working at a Ship Breaking yard in Bangladesh.

The incident occurred during the afternoon hours of Saturday the 31st of August, at the Ziri Subedar Ship Breaking Yard, in the Baro Awlia area of Sitakunda, Chattogram.

At approximately 17:15 in the afternoon, a number of workers were attempting to climb a beached ship using a rope ladder. Unfortunately, the poorly crafted rope ladder tore under the strain, sending some 12 to 15 workers to the ground below.

Seven workers had to be transferred to the Chittagong Medical College Hospital for immediate treatment; regrettably, two of them were declared dead on arrival by the on-duty doctor.

The dead workers have been identified in the local media as Tushar Chakma, 27 and Aminul Islam, 56.

Three of the injured workers have been identified so far:  Alamgir Hossain, 35, Jagodish Chakma, 47, and Md Faruk Hossain, 32.

According to some reports, the number of injured workers was much higher, but there are no collaborating sources at this point.

The company that operates the Ship Breaking yard, Ziri Subedar owns a number of Ship Breaking yards, as well as a rerolling mill and an oxygen gas supplier.

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