Posted on August 21, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

A deadly altercation onboard an Indonesian vessel has seen several dead & missing, while a number of crewmen have been taken hostage.

The incident occurred onboard the fishing trawler, Mina Sejati on August the 16th while the vessel was transiting in the Dobo Sea, Indonesia.

The incident was first reported as an act of piracy, but it was later discovered that three crewmen were responsible.

It’s not yet clear what led to the altercation between the crew, but as a result 5 people were killed on the vessel, while 2 more died from their injuries while jumping into the water in an attempt to escape the violence.

In total, over 13 crew members jumped into the sea in order to escape, including the Captain of the vessel.

At least 11 of the seafarers that jumped overboard were later saved by the Indonesian Navy.

It is understood, that the ship was crewed by a total of 36 seafarers at the time of the incident.

The three suspects, who currently remain onboard the ship alongside 13 other crew members who have been taken hostage, have equipped themselves with machetes and other sharp objects.

The Indonesian Navy is aware of the incident and has mobilized forces in order to effectively control the situation but has avoided any direct action to avoid casualties among the hostages.

The rescue attempt has been further complicated by the adverse weather conditions in the area. The waves are reaching over 1 to 3 meters in the area, further increasing the risk for both parties.

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