Posted on August 21, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Two seafarers died onboard the Panama-flagged Crude Oil Tanker, MAGUS during the evening hours of August the 19th.

The incident occurred while the vessel was anchored in the Kerch Strait Anchorage, near Russian seaport of Taman in the Black sea.  

Reportedly at some point in the evening, the Master of the Magus contacted the Novorossiysk Marine Rescue Coordination Center, informing them that two people on board were showing signs of methyl alcohol poisoning.

The rescue tug, DERZKY was sent to provide assistance. Both men were loaded onto the tug in order to be brought to a hospital in Taman for further treatment.Unfortunately, one of the seafarers died while being transported, while the other died in the hospital.

The two seafarers have been identified as the vessel’s Second officer and AB, both Ukrainian nationals.

The bodies of the two deceased seafarers are currently being transported back to their families for burial.

Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic

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