Posted on August 20, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The seized Iranian Oil Tanker, Grace1 officially set sail from Gibraltar in the evening of August the 18th, heading towards the Greek port of Kalamata.

The tanker, which had been detained for more than a month, set sail from the anchorage at Gibraltar, at approximately 11:00 pm in the evening, after changing its name from Grace1 to Adrian Darya 1.

However, the US unsealed a warrant on Friday, calling for the seizure of the Adrian Darya 1 and its cargo, claiming that the vessel is guilty of violating US sanctions, money laundering and terrorism.

The US has argued that the ship actually belongs to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, who allegedly is using a series of front companies to disguise the fact.

They claim that the oil onboard the vessel, which is estimated at $130 million, will be used to support a terrorist organization.

Iran, however, went on record on Monday, warning the US against any renewed attempts to seize the oil tanker.

"If such an action is taken or even if it is stated verbally and not done, it is considered a threat against the maritime security in international waters.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has given necessary warnings to the US officials through official channels, especially the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, not to commit such a mistake which (could) bring them severe consequences,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Abbas Mousavi in a statement.

The final destination of the Iranian tanker remains unclear. Currently, authorities in Greece are unable to confirm that the vessel is indeed headed for the port of Kalamata.

If it is to arrive according to its existing schedule, the tanker will enter the port of Kalamata on August the 25th.




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