Posted on August 15, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

The Russian-flagged General Cargo Ship, OMSKIY 137 ran aground during the early morning hours of August the 14th while transiting through the river Svir.

The incident occurred at approximately 04:15 am, in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg.

The Omskiy 137 had been carrying over two and a half thousand tons of lumber to Sweden when it ran aground.

As a result of the grounding, the vessel experienced a breach on its portside hull and started taking on water.

Following the incident, its crew of 12 did not manage to control the water ingress and the ship's ballast tanks started filling with water.

The ship is now to remain aground, outside the main traffic lane, and is scheduled for a lightering operation before refloating can begin on the vessel.

The crew is now waiting for their sister ship, the OMSKIY 133 which will arrive with a floating crane in order to support the distressed vessel and relieve it of its cargo. 

Image Courtesy of Marine Traffic.


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