Posted on February 27, 2019 by Ilias Kiritsis

Norwegian-flagged car carrier, Hoegh London, got caught in the storm that was raging across the Mediterranean during the weekend and sustained considerable damage in the process.

The vessel had originally sailed from Tangier and was headed for Gemlik, Turkey when it encountered a storm off the coast of Sicily on the 24th of February.

Both ship and cargo suffered extensive damage in the storm, forcing the Master to seek shelter in the nearby island.

Having been granted access, the Captain anchored the ship off Pozzallo, Sicily in the morning of February the 25th.

A survey team of technicians from the port authority and the military command was brought on board soon after, in order to assess the extent of the damage.

They discovered a number of damaged vehicles and considerable structural damage in the cargo decks.

Furthermore, a hull crack was located in cargo deck 3, adjacent to the waterline, which caused the vessel to experience water ingress and a list of 5 degrees.

The vessel requires considerable repairs in order to be deemed seaworthy.

Later in the afternoon, it was given access to enter the port, in order to undergo temporary repairs that would allow it to head to a port with an adequate shipyard.

Location and the nature of these repairs have not yet been disclosed.


Image courtesy of Marine Traffic

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