About ARX Maritime

ARX was founded with the goal of protecting seafarers across the world while enhancing the security and safety of global maritime operations. We offer risk management services to shipping companies by providing effective & efficient cutting-edge solutions and hardware to vessels sailing into high-risk areas.

Driving innovation is at the forefront of what we do here at ARX. Our company ethos, “Pioneering Change for Safer Seas”, is an integral part when it comes to providing our customers with innovative products that contribute to the safety and security of their vessels and crews.

Our goal is to equip you with cost-effective solutions that give you more efficient operations and a safer and more secure environment to work in. Using our technology, we help reduce your risk so you can do what you do best – keeping the world’s shipping on-course.

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Seafarers Protected each day

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Billion USD of assets protected every day

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Products Produced

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Steve Regis Chief Operating Officer
Josh Hutchinson Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Castree Chairman
Ashleigh Cowie Marketing

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